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  • Cherry Narang

Three simple and stylish ways to upgrade your family room

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Your living room is the center stage of your home. It’s where you spend time with family, play host to friends and spend casual nights with a book and a glass of wine. While not ready for a complete style overhaul, a few surprising design updates can elevate your cozy interior and transform it into a stylish living room infused with personality and pizzazz.


If there is ever a way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, it is by adding metallic accents.

Think polished light fixtures, matte nesting side tables and satin brass cabinet hardware. Don’t forget gold-trimmed photo frames, antique silver floor vases, hammered copper wall art or gold sculptures for your coffee table styling.

Your family room update or should I say “upgrade” possibilities are endless. These metal design elements can instantly add depth, dimension, and a hint of subtle glamour to your family room.

While the metallic finish is neutral in the books of many design experts – the elevated aesthetic it creates is far from basic. With an ability to mix and match between the different finishes and tones, you will find that metals are complimentary to any color scheme.

Feel inspired to bring your living room to life? Go ahead and step into your inner designer shoes and begin the transformation of your living space to make it feel so much more luxurious and sophisticated.


Nothing transforms a plain interior into a multi-dimensional, interesting, and dynamic space the way pattern does. Pattern as an interior design element can give your living room energy, set the mood for your space, and create an ambiance and atmosphere.

With plenty to pick from, your choice of pattern ranges from vertical and horizontal lines, motif, tropical, floral, animal print or geometric design, to name a few.

In the mood to create your own Pinterest-worthy interior? Dare to give pattern a try. While it may feel intimidating at first, it can also be exhilarating and exciting to step out of your comfort zone and infuse a doze of pattern into your space.

Think of your family room, its’ function, and the style you’re gravitating towards. Start with patterned pillows, furniture pieces, throws, curtains or rug. Go bold or opt for subtle design, bright hues, or understated neutrals – patterns will naturally draw your eyes and capture your attention.


Your living room where you spend time with your family and entertain friends and loved ones is as much about your design aesthetic, as it is about comfort and function.

Open shelving units in a family room is a perfect backdrop to display an eclectic mix of things that you love and use every day. Making it look as if it were professionally styled and designed is a cherry on top (pun intended, coming from an interior designer named Cherry).

As an artist of your home, treat your shelves as a blank canvas and let your imagination run wild. But first edit a.k.a. declutter. Get rid of the things that you no longer use or bring your joy.

The secret to an elegantly styled shelving unit is balance. You can achieve it with asymmetrical or symmetrical design principles, taking in consideration the visual weight of each item. Start with larger statement pieces like groupings of vases, leaning art and photos, plants, or a curated stack of books - those should act as anchors in your design scheme.

Then layer in smaller pieces, such as your treasures, vintage finds, and collectibles. Dare to experiment with displaying items of different scale, height, textures, and patterns to attain a look that truly reflects your personality and style.

Wherever you draw your inspiration from when it comes to your home, fashion, or life, experimenting and allowing your inner creative genius to surface can be beautiful and impactful. As a Principle Designer at the full-service design firm Cereza Design, Cherry specializes in creating unique, imaginative, and functional interiors for each of her clients. Reach out to Cherry to book your in home consultation.

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